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V&Web Data Center offers colocation services to provide your hardware a super secure facility, power and cooling, with 24/7 monitoring.
If you are interested in our colocation services, please contact us to get a free quote.

  • Hong Kong DYX DC-1U
  • Price: USD82 (setup fee=USD 50 included)
  • Hong Kong DYX DC-2U
  • Price: USD148 ( setup fee=USD50 included)
Product Type Cabinet Bandwidth Setup fee(one time) Price/Month Order
Hong Kong DYX DC-1U 1U -- USD 50 included) 82 USD
Hong Kong DYX DC-2U 2U -- USD50 included) 148 USD

ReminderFor other system version requirements, increase bandwidth, IP or other configuration requirements, please contact our customer service.
Delivery timeDelivery within 48 hours after payment (some may need more time depending on circumstances). 
IPIf you need to test ip, please contact our customer service.
ProhibitionThe use of all servers in this site are prohibited from spamming (SPAM) and having political, pornographic, fraud, and gambling content of any type. If found, service will be suspended immediately.

Hong Kong DYX Data Center: Server Colocation

Hong Kong DYX data center focuses on the stability of the network environment, security of business data transmission, storage, and performance of network bandwidth and overall effectiveness. Continuous introduction of new technology enhances its service quality. 12 IDC service locations in Hong Kong and other districts in China offer fast businesses enterprise-level bandwidth services and added value management services. 

Hong Kong DYX Server colocation

* We provide unlimited support to reboot the server.

* We provide 24/7 support

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